Sunday, September 13, 2009

Cafe Bliss, Victoria CANADA

On our travels through Canada we visited raw cafe Cafe Bliss, one rainy day in downtown Victoria. Victoria is a beautiful city located on Vancouver Island, Canada. This was my very first encounter with a raw food restaurant and, you guessed it, I made a beeline to the dessert display. I was pleasantly surprised by the chocolate desserts on show screaming BITE ME!.

As eager as I was to obey, we made sure to do the right thing (as an example to our children!) and order salads first. I ordered a huckleberry raw pizza (the picture was overexposed) which was simple yet delicious, Nate ordered the house salad with orange dressing and the Ethan and Tali had a children's meal (almonds, strawberries, raisins, raw crackers) then we dove into dessert tastings!

Here are a few pictures of the raw desserts Cafe Bliss serve. I don't remember the names of them but we ordered the caramel slice-looking-square, the mint chocolate square and a few of the heart shaped raw chocolates. They were very kind to give us some complimentary chocolates as well. They were all incredible and it was difficult to choose my favourite. Tali's favourite was the mint squares!

They assured me a Cafe Bliss raw recipe book will be released by Christmas 2009. You could probably order that by clicking the link to their website at the top of this post.

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