Saturday, March 6, 2010

Chockie drops, Ice-cream, Cookies and Fudge

Russell James's chockie chip cookie are as good as they look - rich and chewy, without any nasties like flour, dairy or sugar. These are the first batch of dehydrated cookies I've tried and I can happily say they won't be my last.

It was an experience making these chocolate drops, using a piping bag to carefully pipe each drop. I placed them into the freezer for a few minutes to set as I prepared the dough, then the race was on to form each cookies before the drops melted. Once dehydrated though, they were dry and an SAD cookie, but much better for your body.

You can find this and other insanely good raw chocolate recipes by clicking here.

I also enjoyed trying out some of Heathy's raw chocolate and maple and ginger ice-cream. I really like ginger so I added twice as much - not recommended! The chocolate ice-cream is my favourite (in fact, chocolate anything is my favourite!) so that didn't last long in my freezer. Heathy's chocolate fudge sauce is so divine you simply must try it.You can find these recipes in her e-book, Just Desserts at her blog, Sweetly Raw

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  1. Hello, I've just been forwarded your blog by a friend who thought it was mine! Last year I started a small business 'Raw Delights' over here in the UK (but I'm Australian - from Sydney originally) - no website or blog yet, I'll get there soon.
    It would be great to connect with you, but I don't see any contact details. My email is , we are coming home for a visit this Christmas which is very exciting (my husband is English, so it will be his first 'hot' Christmas!)
    I'm hoping to find some raw goings on back home - we aren't 100% though, so it won't be a drama.
    I look forward to hearing from you.